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5 ToP Tutorials of Poster Design with Photoshop


Avatar Movie Poster

Photoshop TutorialsThis tutorial shows you how you can create a Navi image from the movie Avatar, with some impressive text and backgrounds, all in just 8 easy steps.
View tutorial here


Colorful Retro Futuristic Poster

Photoshop TutorialsThe theme of retro futurism combines digitally created graphics and abstract shapes with distressed and aged textures, giving that cool mix of old and new.
In the tutorial you will take a look at how to create your own bright and colourful retro futuristic poster with Photoshop, using dynamic lines, vibrant gradients and rough textures to build up the design layer after layer.
View tutorial here

Awesome Grunge Music Poster

Photoshop TutorialsThis tutorial uses a variety of techniques to create a grunge music poster.
View tutorial here

Crank Movie Poster Effect

Photoshop Tutorials
Recreating movie poster effects always prove popular, and in this one you will learn how to create the grainy and dark effect from the movie awesome movie Crank.
View tutorial here

Cool Vector Girl with Wavy Scanlines

Photoshop TutorialsThis tutorial will show you how you can create wavy scanlines using Illustrator using simple steps and bring them into Photoshop to make a beautiful piece of design work, making use of the Pen tool in Shape Layers mode to draw the vector girl.
View tutorial here


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