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Get more right-click options


Right-clicking a file or folder displays a list of shortcut commands. If you hold Shift while you right-click you’ll see an extended list of options. The additional options change depending on the type of file you right-click but usually include Pin To Start Menu, Add To Quick Launch and Copy As Path.

Copy As Path is useful if you need to use the full pathname of a file either in a document or to run another command. The other two commands are so handy it’s strange Microsoft didn’t include them in the default right-click menu. When you use Shift+right-click on a folder instead of a file, one of the added options is Open Command Window Here, which displays a command prompt window opened to the selected folder.

Vista has some really esoteric right-click options tucked away in unexpected places. For example, try this:

Click a file and press F2 to edit the file name.
Right-click while in editing mode.
You’ll see the usual Cut, Copy and Paste options plus interesting settings such as Right To Left Reading Order and the ability to display or insert Unicode control characters.


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