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Read Mails of Multiple Accounts From a Single Gmail Account


Most of the users have multiple accounts and every user wishes to read all mails by logging into a single mail account .This can be possible only if,mails from all your accounts are forwarded to this master accounts so that you can read them.A Single account is allowed to receive the incoming messages from up to five Gmail accounts. I can even add email accounts from other email clients that support POP Access.
Since Gmail is POP Access enabled,this can be easily done.
LOG in to one of your Gmail Accounts (MASTER account),you would like to receive messages from.
Click Settings OPTION located at the top right corner of your account.
In the Settings page, click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
Enable the POP Access of this account either for all mail, or for mails that arrive from now on.
Click Save Changes to save the changes we have made.
Then LOG out.
Repeat these steps to other Gmail Accounts you would like to enable POP Access
Adding Accounts to Your Primary Gmail
LOG in to your primary Gmail account,which was specified earlier.
Go to Settings and click Accounts tab.
Click Add Another Mail Account.
In the Pop-up window that will appear, enter the email address you would you like to get messages from.
Enter the password of this account, and then choose how you would like to manage the incoming messages from this email address. Then, click Add Account if you are already done.
Repeat these steps if you need to add more email addresses that are already POP Access Enabled.


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