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Recover Your Lost Data


Have you ever come across situations when you keep on looking for that important power point presentation you prepared for your client or your baby’s birth day videos or the pictures of your summer trip?? But you can not locate those precious files in your PC and later remember that whilecleaning your hard drive you might have inadvertently deleted those. You try all possible ways to get those files, looked for your back up but have never worried to take a backup. You contacted tech support, but how on the earth they can help you in getting back those deleted files. Do not worry you still have an option left to get back all those lost files, that is by using a data recovery program.

Windows or any other operating systems does not have built in functionality to recover any deleted files. If you are thinking that doing a system restore or system recovery you can get back those precious files, you are wrong. As system restore and system recovery serve a completely different purpose. So the only way you can recover your deleted files is by using a data recovery program. There are a host of data recovery programs available in the market and all of them promise a lot of features and looks equally competitive when you see them as a user perspective. Hence it becomes very difficult to make a choice. Let me help you here and provide an in depth review of a feature rich well knowndata recovery program called Stellar Phoenix data recovery.
stellar phoenix
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software is a powerful data recovery application to recover lost, deleted, or corrupted data, hard drive partitions, photos, audios and videos in almost all logical data loss scenarios. Incorporated with striking set of elements like disk cloning, e-mail recovery and drive status, the software supports FAT32, VFAT and NTFS file systems.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery:

1. It can recover deleted files, photos, videos and e-mails.
2. It can recover lost and formatted logical drives and partitions.
3. Can recover data from hard drive and USB drive and also support Raw Recovery from CD and USB drives.
4. Offers 2 types of scanning e.g Quick scan and deep scan offering advanced scanning methods to recover deleted files.
5. It offers cloning as well as disk imaging. With the help of cloning you can create an identical copy of your hard drive. Imaging option creates an image of hard drive even if it has bad sectors.
6. It offers a comprehensive hard drive status for all volumes and a much better scan disk utility than the one built-in to Windows.
7. Supports recovery of data from PCs which are not booting with the help of a bootable CD which can be obtained upon request.
8. Can be used with a wide range of Windows version, starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 RC1. I am currently using this program with Windows 7 RC1.
9. It offers you 30 days money back guarantee.
The complete list of features of the Stellar Phoenix data recovery program is available in the developer’s website.
This program also comes as a free demo version, which offers you to view the files that can be recovered. So if you really want to get those files back you can go ahead and purchase it.


The installation of the program is very easy. In order to install, first download Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery program and save it on desktop.
Double click on the downloaded file StellarPhoenixWindowsDataRecovery-Setup and proceed with the installation wizard.
Once it is installed, you need to activate if you have purchased it. You might have received a license key which can be used to activate the full version. Activation can be done over the Internet or by e-mail or by sending the license key to stellar info system for manual activation. If your PC is connected to Internet then activation/registration over the Internet is the easiest method.
To activate it over Internet, start the stellar data recovery program and click on the i icon at the top left. Click onRegister button, it will check for Internet connection and show you the registration wizard and you should see a window like this:
Put the serial number received through e-mail and click Next. It will be connected to the registration server and it will be registered. Click on Finish.


The usage of the Stellar data recovery program is not limited to a single task or two, but it provides many functionality as discussed in the features section. Here let me take you through some important usages:
Recover data :
In order to start recovering data, open the stellar data recovery program by double clicking on the desktop icon and under data recovery section on the main screen you will see various options like Quick recovery, deleted File recovery, Formatted Lost files/folders recovery and Search Lost volumes. Each of these option serve a specific purpose. Mouse over individual option and you will see the task performed by that option.
Recover E-mails:
If you are looking for recovering Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook mails from a corrupted pst or dbx file, click on E-mail recovery on the main screen and click on appropriate option. For example clicking on Microsoft Outlook E-mail recovery will take you to the following screen:
email recovery
Here you need to specify the location of the .pst file or let the program search for the pst file. Leave the other options untouched and click on Start scan. It will show all folders and emails stored in the recovered .pst file.
Checking drive status and scan disk:
To check the status of hard drive, open Stellar Phoenix data recovery program and click on Advance options tab. Click on Drive status option and you will see the drive status window.
drive status
This screen will show all information pertaining to the hard drive. In order to scan the drive to check for bad blocks, click on Scan disk at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Cloning and Imaging:
In the advance options tab, click on Drive Imaging option and it will show Create Image and Clone Disk options. Image can be created for an entire hard drive or a volume, CD, DVD or thumb drive. Image files of CD and DVD can be used for RAW recovery option. You can even specify a region for which you want to create an image.
Disk cloning is used to create an exact copy of the hard drive. This will take exactly the same size as the hard drive. So you need to have enough storage space available on an external hard drive or an internal drive to store the clone. You need to specify both source and target drive in the clone disk option window.
The stellar phoenix data recovery program is a worth investment and it will give value for your money. So you will never have fear of loosing anything in your PC.


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