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Remove ads from GMail by using a single sentance



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Here is a wonderful trick from Joe McKay, by just adding a single sentence at the end of your email you can now eliminate the Sponsored Links ads that show up on the top and right side of an email in your GMail inbox.

In his personal blog he has used the following sentence to disable ads "PS: Suicide death 9/11 murder".

He further explains says-
The solution is simple, when sending an email to a gmail user include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies. Google does not use humans to read your email, only computers. These computers search for keywords that trigger the advertisements, however, if they happen to find a catastrophic event or tragedy Google errs on the side of good taste and removes the ads altogether.



I have developed my own sentence that will eliminate ads from GMail. Here is mine-
PS: This line is just meant to slaughter all ads from this email.

Now get your own line too or use the above one, if you got some more good phrases please share with us.

Source: Joe McKay’s blog


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