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Three Free Blank or Naked Themes for Wordpress Developers


Are you a wordpress theme developer.if you are,then you might have a problem of writing same type of code for your projects thats annoying you.Tips Tech Tricks brings the solution for you in the form of Three BlankTheme or Naked or Starter Themes 

BLANK WordPress Theme

BLANK is a WP starter theme brought to you from the developers behind Digging Into Wordpress.
 It is is a theme with more functionality than your typical starter/basic theme, but with almost none of the styling.
In an effort to inspire more WordPress theme designers to embrace HTML 5 they have also released an HTML5 version of Blank, you will find the page link below.
  • • It’s XHTML 1.0 STRICT and validates.
  • • The sidebar is widget-ready.
  • • Page titles are optimized for best SEO and readability/usability.
  • • Functions.php file does a number of things: Sets up RSS ’s in the head automatically, loads jQuery and registers the sidebar widget area.
  • • Its CSS uses a basic star-selector reset.
  • • Has basic toolbox and WordPress-standard CSS classes, including .screen-reader-text for hiding things.
  • • Standard typography-related sectors are there but generally without any attributes.
  • • CSS for threaded comments is in there, but light on actual styling.
  • • Both screen and print styles included in single stylesheet. Print styles optimized for generic nice printing.
  • Demo & Download Page

    Simon WordPress Blank Theme

    Simon WordPress Blank Theme
    The purpose of this theme, as with all the others on this page, is to allow you to rapidly build and deploy WordPress driven web sites. Simon has a flexible and basic two-column layout, with quite a lot of features, here are some of them:
    • • It makes use of the Grid
    • • Uses Blueprints Typography Framework
    • • Widget ready sidebar.
    • • It has a Featured Post on the Homepage.
    • • Title Tags have been optimised for SEO.
    • • Threaded Comments.

    Starkers: The Completely Naked Theme for WordPress

    Starkers: The Completely Naked Theme for WordPress
    Starkers is free of all style, presentational elements, and non-semantic markup: All non-semantic, presentational class names (e.g: class=“center”, class=“alignleft”) have been removed; all non-semantic, presentational HTML elements (e.g: hrbr) have been removed; all unnecessary elements have been removed (e.g: div class=“entry”disappears entirely and h3 class=“comments” simply becomes h3).
    Elements have been converted where necessary (e.g: small becomes p) and some IDs have been kept intact (such as h3 id=“respond”) to preserve functionality.
    Browser defaults have been reset in the stylesheet (based on the YUI Reset) to provide a true “clean slate”.
    Demo & Download Page


matt pine said...

great collection of minimalist wordpress themes, waiting to see more.!
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