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Tip to Open An Unknown Filetype Files ?


We often face the “Open With” dialog for unknown file types, perticularly when you download any files with unknown formats. Unless you know which program to select to open those unnown files, you can not just choose any particular program as we are not quite sure which...program will support that specific file. Sometime it happened if we uninstall a program but files generated from that as still in our PC.

To get rid of this problem and find a suitable way to discover the appropriate program for an unknown file type, you can check out the Desktop Tool. It helps you to find and open those unknown files in a very easy manner. Desktop Tool has a huge database to find almost all file types. It’s a completely free application and you can download from
The database in increasing day by day to keep you up-to-date. After visiting the site, you’ll get a list of extension added today. OpenWith Desktop tool is very easy to use. After installing on you system, just right click on any file you want and you’ll get an option “ – How do I Open This?” and simply click this to find out the supporting application.


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