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Top 10 Popular Free Windows Customization Tools


Tips Tech Tricks brings 10 most popular windows customization tools for windows users.Hope you like them and share your comments 

MouseExtender requires no installation. It is a 110KB download overall and includes EXE which we run. The application is a small window that lets us customize our mouse menus. We can use the little window of the program to quickly access our control panel, shut down our computer, or set up a custom shortcut for any program, file, or folder.
Many application lets us change the theme and background of our desktop but only Logon Studio lets us change the Windows login screen. The program works best with Windows Vista and is a 3MB download only. Brilliant backgrounds are included in the application that replace the default Windows login screen background. More backgrounds can be downloaded from the application’s website.
Fences is an application I used and got many friends to start using. The program is 9MB to download and creates docks on our screen with titles. We can arrange our desktop icons in these docks to keep things tidy and easily accessible.
I remember being thoroughly impressed by Radian. It gives our mouse massive shortcut power. We can hold down the right click button to bring into view a circle containing shortcuts for files and programs which we set. Radian is a brilliant technique to empower the mouse.
If you are looking for an easy to use (yet very powerful) Windows theme changer, then Window Blinds will serve your needs well. The download is relatively large (33MB) but the interface is beautiful to justify it all.
RKLauncher is another dock-adding application. But unlike Fences, it provides a singular dock with all our applications. We can scroll through our applications. The highlighted ones are magnified into view. The interface is visually brilliant considering that RKLauncher is merely a 720KB download and requires no installation.
Actual Window Minimizer is a 4MB download that adds an additional button to the most-left of each window’s top right pane, where the close, restore, and minimize buttons are located. Clicking this new button minimizes the window to the System Tray rather than the Taskbar. In this simple way, users are able to free up space on their Taskbar.
T3Desk is a wonderful Windows customization program. It lets us set an angle to all our open windows so we can always have the desktop in view. We can set which side of the screen the window will be aligned to. We can also set the transparency and exact angle of the window.
SecondShell is an application many Windows users will be able to benefit from. It is a tiny program that requires no installation. All it does is add new hotkeys and mouse shortcuts for the tasks we perform daily on our computer. Once mastered, these tasks end up saving a lot of our time. Laptop users in particular will find SecondShell to be immensely helpful.
Iconizer is a free website to create our own custom icons. We can have detailed customization of Windows by creating our icons and assigning them to our folders and files.


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