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The Torrent Guide for Everyone



torrent-guideThere are tons of ways to download files, be it pictures of last Birthday party, or that new cinema flick. Amongst them are the conventional direct download, FTP, and of course Peer-to-Peer.
BitTorrent, an example of P2P, is a great, perhaps even the best way to download files, both in concept as in use – that is, once you’ve got the hang of it.
Because all of it seems pretty abstract to innitiates, many people experience difficulties at the start. Even those that would call themselves ‘advanced users’ often don’t know even half of what’s possible.

MakeUseOf proudly presents to you The Big Book of BitTorrent. All you think you should know, and more.
how to use torrents guide
In 28 illustrated pages, Saikat Basu from The Things I Do takes newcomers by the hand and guides them in their first steps. Initiates, but also the more experienced users get their fair share of information.
Read how to start, and advance is the world of BitTorrent. Download The Big Book of BitTorrent here for free, in PDF.
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