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Use Stumble to Get Tons of Visitors


Use Stumble to Get Tons of Visitors

How to Get Huge Visitors From Stumbleupon for your Blog
Stumbleupon is the most popular social bookmarking sites in the world. You will be getting tons of tons visitors from it,condition is  if you useit properly.The main source of visitors to my blogs are referred by stumbleupon. But, in order to get huge visitors, you need to know – how to optimize and build up your blog and stumbleupon profile for getting more stumbles.Here are some tips and tricks 

Tag your article under correct Tags:
If your tag changes, then you may won’t get the visitors who loves to read such articles and vice verse.
 Give great importance to the Title you gave to the stumble:
 It is known that stumble upon have great love towards articles named as “top 10” ,”‘What is”, “how to”, “the complete list of ” etc.
Add a stumbleupon Badge to your blog posts :
Encourage your readers to give you thumbs.
Join in groups and create lots of related friends in stumbleupon. Your community will be having great influence on the stumbles you get.
Add more and more friends who are willing to help you and loves to read/stumble your articles.
Send the URL of your posts directly to the browsers of your friends. Ask them a stumble in a polite way.
Don’t let your friends think that you are making use of them.Instead, do favors back to them also.Read their articles.Stumble them before they tells you to do so and subscribe to his/her favorites. Let them consider the friendship with you as a mutual relationship !
Make use of stumble exchanging sites like stumbleudon and suexchange.
They really works in bringing you more stumbles and there by more traffic.
Optimize your page loading page. Stumblers may won’t like to wait for your big page to load. They may push the button to go to another stumble !
Decrease the number of ads in your post. Stumblers will get angry if you hesitate them with lots of ads. The more number of posts you have, the less stumble you gets. Remove pop-up and toolbar ads for best result.
Just try to put these tips in practice. I’m sure that there will be an increase in your page views within a week. I’ll be coming with more tips soon.


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