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Forgot your Windows password ? How to recover your lost password ? Try Login Recovery!


Forgetting your password to log into Windows can be a very frustrating experience, especially if the hint doesn’t help either! There are a couple of programs out there that can help you, but there is one that I saw recently that caught my eye. The reason it caught my eye is because it’s fairly simple to use even if you are not very techie person. Unlike some of the other programs or methods to crack the Administrator password that change keys in the registry, involve Linux, or ask you to install another copy of Windows, Login Recovery is an easy to use web based service.

The program is called Login Recovery and it consists of three parts in order to recover your password:
1. First, you download a small application and place it onto a floppy disk or CD. If your computer does not have a floppy drive, then you have to burn the file onto a CD as an ISO image. Even though this sounds fancy, most CD burning software today can burn files as ISO images, so it’s not very complicated other than choosing a different setting when you go to burn. I’ll explain that process later.
2. Once you burn the file, you restart your computer and boot off the floppy or CD. Usually you don’t have to do anything here because computers are already configured to boot off a CD or floppy if it detects that there is bootable media in the drive. The program will display a screen with user names for the computer along with a bunch of numbers separated by commas. Write these down exactly as written including the comma’s and every colon.

You should see the list of user names as shown above. Write down the two lines of numbers for the user name you need the password for. If you just need to get into the computer and can’t remember any of the passwords, write them all down and you can try to recover the password for any of them.
3. Once you write these numbers down, you can go to another computer and go the Login Recovery’s web site,, and click on the Uploads tab. There you would either upload the text file off the floppy disk or type in the text if you used the CD. Either way will work. Then you wait about 10 minutes and go to the web site and click on the Results tab. Type in your email address and it’ll give you a status on the recovery process.
The Login Recovery process is not guaranteed, especially if the password is complex. I tried it on my computer, but it could not crack it because I have a password that is 10 characters long with upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols! So if you had a password like that, it will be highly unlikely to crack it. However, most people use simple words or short phrases as passwords, so that’s why the site states that almost 98.5% of the passwords submitted were crack successfully!
Burn as ISO Image
Depending on your CD burning software, this option might be in a different location, but should be named something similar to “Burn from Disc Image File” or “Burn ISO Image“. Here’s an example using Roxio Creator Classic:

Hope this helps you break into your computer!


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