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Hide Any Drive With Command


Hide Any Drive With Command
Perform the given steps to hide your system data partition: 

To enable this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer with administrative rights. 

1. Start menu--> Run--> cmd --> ok
2. type "diskpart" in command prompt and press enter.

3. type "list volume" and press enter.
4. This will open your complete hard disk information about all disk drives.

Now first select the volume that you want to hide, for example,

5. type "select volume 4" to select the drive F.
6. You might change volume 4 to your desire drive that you wants to hide.
After loading volume, Type "remove letter F"

8. It will hide your F: drive from my computer.

Now exit from command prompt and open My Computer to verify drives. 


But next time, when you want to unhide the F drive, just run assign drive F command after loading volume 4.

9. Type"assign letter f" to restore the drive F.
10. This will unhidden the drive.
11. See the above attached Image.


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