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How to Login Your XP without A Password !!


How many times have we happen to forget the Fucking Login Password for our windows ?
Ok worry no more coz if you next time forget your password.. we have a solution to actually allows you to login without any password.

This is the only soft that allow you to log on into any local account without reset existing passwords.
DreamPackPL will just turn off the password validation process. If you dont want to log on into any existing account, then you can execute any application (e.g. Regedit or window with accounts management) at the logon desktop. You may also load the Explorer shell at new desktop and work with admin privileges.

Features :

*Configurable command interpreter in logon window (DreamOn, PassOn, PassOff, *LogonLoggerOn, LogonLoggerOff, DreamDesktop, God-Password)
*Three logon modes:
- standard with password
- with wrong password and wrong hash (LM+NT)
- with given hash (LM+NT
*Hash Audit (show hashes of all users) and Hash Calculator
*Logon Logger (date and time, user name, password, character codes in password)
*Executing programs at the logon desktop with system privileges
*Access to EFS encrypted files after log on
*Loading Explorer shell at new desktop and work with system privileges
*Displaying local accounts list (user names) at the logon desktop
*Disabling Windows File Protection

Instructions :

1.)Download the ISO file (4Mb) and DreamPackPL (74KB)

2.)Burnt it on a CD with Nero Buning Software or anyother Burning Software

3.)Restart Your system and login into BIOS and Set booting From CD/DVD Drive

4.)Save and exit

5.)Now while restarting The CD gets booted and you will find

6.)User must load system in Recovery Console, so press R to continue and install DreamPackPL.

7.)Press C to install DreamPackPL by using Recovery Console.

8.)Then select which Windows (XP/2000) installation that want to log onto by keying in appropriate number (normally 1 for system with only 1 Windows installation).

9.)Key in any password when prompt for Administrator password.

10.)Make a backup of the original sfcfiles.dll by using the following command:

ren C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lld (for Windows XP)


ren C:\Winnt\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lld (for Windows 2000)

11.)Copy the patched sfcfiles.dll file from the CD to \Windows\System32 (or \WinNT\System32 depending on your Windows installation) folder by using following command (CD drive in this example is D, change according to your CD drive letter. You can use “map” command to display all drive letters):

copy D:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll (for Windows XP)

copy D:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Winnt\System32\sfcfiles.dll (for Windows 2000)

12.)Type “Exit” and press Enter to exit from Recovery Console, and restart the PC, and let the Windows boot normally.

13.)Once Windows display Windows Logon prompt, key in “dreamon” DreamPackPL command (without quotes) in the user name or password field to display the DreamPackPL menu.

14.)Click on the top graphic on the DreamPackPL menu to display the commands options and configuration menu.

15.)Navigate to Command and click on Command Setting options.

16.)Enable the God-Password setting by selecting (check) the tick box at the end.

17.)Exit from all DreamPackPL and type “god” in the user name or password field on Windows Logon screen to log on into Windows, bypassing all users or administrator account password.

18.)Another option is to navigate to Password at DreamPackPL commands settings menu and select (check) the “Logon with wrong password and hash” option, which allows user to log-in into Windows using any administrator or user account with any correct or wrong password.


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