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How to remove rar file password


There is a chance to lost password if you haven’t used the rar files for a long time since you created a storng password.What should you do if you have lost your password?
Well,you can remove the password of compressed folder with RAR Password Recovery.This tools can help you to solve your problem right now.

RAR Password Recovery 5.0 is a powerful tool to recover lost(forgotten)passwords for a RAR/WinRar archives. Forgetting a password for an archive created long time ago is a common annoyance. RAR Password Recovery helps you to get your data back.
This software is easy to install and easy to use. Download such an application and install it on the computer. Open the application and select the file whose password you want to break and let the procedure complete.
This is a screen shot of the software,

1.Download and install a password cracker program. Many programs are available; see the Resources section for links.
2.Load the program. Click “Open.” Select the password-protected rar file that you want to unlock.
3.Select the method of attack you would like to use to unlock the rar file. The “brute force” method tries to unlock the rar file with random letter combinations; the “dictionary” method inputs words from a dictionary.
4.Click “Start” to begin. The program will notify you of the password if it’s successful.


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