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Make window xp faster by Disabling Extra Startup Programs


Make window xp faster by Disabling Extra Startup Programs

There are certain programs that Windows will start every time you
boot up your system, and during the startup phase, they're all
competing for a slice of your CPU speed. Extra or unwanted items
in the startup list will definitely increase your startup time, perhaps
by several minutes. Some common examples are things related to
AOL, RealPlayer, Napster, instant messengers, and video managers.
If you're not sure about an item, no big deal. You can turn it off,
restart your PC, and see if everything seems to work. If not, you can
always go back and re-enable an item in the Startup list. This tip
alone should speed up your start-up by 250%. Here are is what
you have to do:
1. Go to Start button  Run
2. Type "msconfig", without quotations
3. Hit enter key or click the OK button
4. A System Configuration Utility window will show up
5. Click the Startup tab
6. In the Startup tab you will see several boxes and some of them
will selected (checked). All you have to do is to uncheck
extra items that are of no use. If you run an antivirus
program it is not recommended to uncheck it.
7. After making you choices press the OK button, you will be
prompted to restart computer to apply changes.
8. After restarting your computer a dialogue will be displayed.
You can check the option for not showing
this dialogue every
time your PC reboots.


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