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Microsoft Word Shortcuts


Microsoft Word Shortcutsimage

Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow : Select to the Beginning of the paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+END : Select to the End of the Document
Ctrl+Shift+HOME : Select to the Beginning of the Document
Ctrl+Shift+> : Increase Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+D : Double Underline the selected document
Alt+Shift+D : Insert Date Field at current insertion location
Ctrl+G : Go to option
Ctrl+F : Find
Ctrl+J : Justified Align
Alt+F10 : To Maximize Window
Ctrl+F2 : Print Preview
Shift+F3 : Change Case
Shift+F7 : Thesaurus
Ctrl+Shift+F12 : To Print
Ctrl+P : To Print
F3 : Autotext insertion
F4 : Repetition of Last Action (Repeat Last Command)
F8 : To Extend Selection


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